HudsonIT's offerings in the Access Control Space are all focused on providing our clients with the security and accountability demanded in the current regulatory and governance environment.

Our solutions apply our client's security and access policies directly to their end users during the IP address negotiation phase - before access is granted. Once active on their network, our solutions track the end user, their machine and any activity, providing unparalleled control and accountability.

Inviato: Securing end point devices before they access your network

HudsonIT's Inviato provides the pre-emptive application of Enterprise Security Policy to all devices before they access your network. Machines that are not in compliance with your policy or have outstanding vulnerabilities, are quarantined for your network safety. Inviato is ideal for controlling network access for visitors or contractors who bring their laptop into your facility.

For more information about Inviato, check out our Inviato online information page.

QIP: Registration Manager

When a new machine attempts to gain access to your network, our Registration Manager will recognize the new MAC address and enforce our client's policies on registering the machine and the user on our network. This can entail evaluating the machine's compliance with existing policies or download specific enterprise software to the machine. All before network access is granted.

QIP: Audit Manager

HudsonIT's focus on network access and accountability continues with our Audit Manager. The Audit Manager logs all network access attempts and correlates the machine, IP address and user information together - providing the insight into network usage that is required in today's regulatory compliance environment.

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