Company Background

HudsonIT offers solid security solutions for our customer's success.  Founded in 1998 as a management consulting firm comprised of experienced IT professionals who have worked as employees and contractors at many prominent companies.

The principals bring together their extensive track record of successes, along with a network of industry contacts and proven methodologies, to work alongside our client's management team and investors to maximize their business performance.

In addition to the professional services offerings of HudsonIT, we have also been a leading service provider for the global IT industry, offering timely, integrated security management solutions and computing resources within a secure hosted, networked environment. Our alliances with industry leading software partners allows us to bring proven solutions to our clients, with demonstrable ROIs and field proven implementations.

For an introduction to our company, view our presentation: Company Intro. For a complete list of our downloads, view the HudsonIT Downloads.

For additional information about HudsonIT's HudsonHill Research, click here for more information.