HudsonIT's IP Security Solutions provide the insight into our client's networks, their infrastructure, their performance and the security health of all critical components. Protecting your network involves knowing what needs to be protected, eliminating exposures and threats and responding quickly to take corrective action.

And it means doing it in real time. All the time. With HudsonIT's security solutions.

Our offerings utilize best in breed Intrusion Detection, Vulnerabilities Assessment and Application Performance Monitoring solutions from providers such as HP, Lucent and Allegent Technologies. Combining these products with HudsonIT's trained security staff yields high quality solutions that have a demonstrable ROI and provide real value to our client base.

SolventView - Automated Network Security Management

SolventView protects business-critical assets with patent pending threat management technology. SolventView represents thenext generation in automated IT security provisioning and management.

SolventView is active threat management. A single fully integrated solution designed to discover your network assets, define your security policies, scan for vulnerabilities, detect and manage intrusions, and analyze events. All from a single source with a single responsible organization for your security management solution.

For more information about SolventView, check out our SolventView Overview online information page.

VitalSuite: Network Performance Management

What good is a network if your security solution prevents your critical applications from perfoming at their best? Our VitalSuite application performance monitoring solution monitors your mission critical applications and the resources they require. We report performance issues before they begin to impact your users.

Reporting and real time displays allow your network support group to visualize the performance of the network and your applications. All from one screen.

OpenView: Network Management

How secure is your network is your firewall is not configured or not functioning properly? Our client's first level of securing their networks is an understanding of the status of critical security components in the network.

With OpenView, our clients can monitor and configure their network components from a single display and user interface. OpenView works in conjunction with both VitalSuite and SolventView to provide a total network management solution.

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