Inviato is a network access control and pre-emptive security enforcement application that protects business critical assets with patent pending threat management technology. Inviato integrates and provides centralized access to a comprehensive suite of IT security applications.

This method of pre-emptive enforcement of corporate security policies, coupled with a two-factor authentication token, will allow enterprise security groups to protect their network from rogue devices and provide a clear user audit trail for regulatory compliance issues. The solution consists of an Enterprise Security Server, which is deployed within the network and a USB-based token that is distributed to the user community. Several versions of the token exist, depending upon the needs of the user.

Current security solutions available to the enterprise all assume trusted clients. Current VPN and IP address management software assume trusted clients. Many enterprise security groups trust clients based on a manual policy enforcement process, typically after a breach has occurred. Visitors, employees who regularly utilize their laptops at home, road warriors, contractors all have one thing in common: the device they use to access the enterprise network can open the network to various forms of attack. Few enterprises have a clear solution to providing secure, trusted clients. HudsonITís Inviato changes all that.

The Inviato solution is a hardware and software solution that directly addresses desktop security. Inviato enforces enterprise security policies and only allows trusted clients access to the enterpriseís key resources. The Inviato Token, working in conjunction with the Inviato Enterprise Security Server, provides both a two-factor authentication system controlling system access and a collection of vulnerability and remediation instructions to prevent network access from out-of-compliance clients. Your client machines (local, at-home, visitors or public access machines) are secure before they get onto your network.

For an overview of the Inviato solution, view our presentation: Inviato Solutions

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